You can download the programme here: shaping identities_programme_final

The abstracts are to be found here: shaping identities_abstracts_final


9 May 2017 (Tuesday)

8:00–9:00 Registration

9:00–9:10 Welcome and Introduction

Tomáš Winter, Director of the Institute of Art History, Czech Academy of Sciences
Petra Trnková, Institute of Art History, Czech Academy of Sciences

9:10–10:10 Keynote lecture

Monika Faber, Photoinstitut Bonartes, Vienna, Austria: A Mosaic of Broken Threads

10:10–10:30 Coffee break

10:30–13:00 Panel 1: Crossing Borders

Chair: Gil Pasternak

  • Éva Fisli, Hungarian National Museum, Budapest, Hungary: In-between. Press prints in interwar Hungary
  • Jindřich Toman, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA: Migration by Default? The Transnational Culture of Picture Postcards around 1900–1914
  • Anna Zelikova, Independent researcher, St. Petersburg, Russia: Impressionism and Decadence: Reception of Pictorial Photography in Pre-revolutionary Russia
  • Ágnes Anna Sebestyén, Hungarian Museum of Architecture, Budapest, Hungary: Modern Architecture Crossing Borders: Photographic Images Representing International Architecture in the Hungarian Journal ‘Space and Form’

13:00–14:00 Lunch

14:00–16:30 Panel 2: National Identity, Ethnic Differences and Photographic Trends

Chair: Ewa Manikowska

  • Lucia Almášiová, Slovak National Gallery in Bratislava, Slovakia: Photographer Pavol Socháň and Slovakian Identity in Austro-Hungarian Monarchy
  • Anca Filipovici, Romanian Institute of Research on National Minorities, Cluj-Napoca, Romania: National Identity Coping with Ethnicity. Images of Interwar Romania in Iosif Berman’s Photography
  • Helena Beránková, Ethnographic Institute of the Moravian Museum, Brno, Czech Republic: Lost Identity. Photographic Portraits of Folk Singers
  • Baiba Tetere, Ernst Moritz Arndt Universität Greifswald, Germany: The Emergence of Photographic Collecting as Knowledge Accumulation: ‘Latvian Types’ by Jānis Krēsliņš (1865–?)

16:30–17:00 Coffee break

17:00–18:00 Keynote lecture

Tomáš Dvořák, FAMU and the Institute of Philosophy, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague, Czech Republic: Lucretius on the Nature of Photography

19:00 Dinner


10 May 2017 (Wednesday)

8:30–9:00 Registration

9:00–10:30 Panel 3: Photographic Practices in Light of Political Transition

Chair: Marta Ziętkiewicz

  • Adam Mazur, University of Arts, Poznan, Poland: Behind the Curtain. Zdeněk Tmej and Jindřich Marco war photographs from Breslau and Warsaw
  • Merse Pál Szeredi, Eötvös Loránd University and Kassák Museum, Budapest, Hungary: Patterns in the Documentarist Photography of the Horthy-Era in Hungary
  • Natasza Styrna, Pontifical University of John Paul II in Krakow, Poland: Torn between Two Worlds. Photographs Published in Lviv Zionist ‘Chwila’ Daily (1930–1935)

10:30–11:00 Coffee break

11:00–12:30 Panel 4: Altering Sociocultural Histories and Realities

Chair: Eva Pluhařová-Grigienė

  • Catherine Troiano, Victoria and Albert Museum, London; Photographic History Research Centre at De Montfort University, UK: Changing Faces: ‘National Photography’ in Hungarian Museums, 1987–2016
  • Gil Pasternak, Photographic History Research Centre at De Montfort University, UK, and Marta Ziętkiewicz, Society Liber Pro Arte, Poland: Crushing Communism, Realising Democracy. Public Photographic Displays and Polish Sociocultural Politics in the 1980s and 1990s
  • Annika Toots, Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn, Estonia: Photography as a Critical Medium of Memory in Post-Soviet Estonia

12:30–13:30 Lunch

13:30–15:30 Panel 5: Archives, Collections and the Historical Work of Photographies

Chair: Petra Trnková

  • Martin Jelínek, Jewish Museum in Prague, Czech Republic: Project The unKnown: 10 years of shaping identity of people on wartime photographs, curator himself and many others
  • Jolita Mulevičiūtė, Lithuanian Culture Research Institute, Vilnius, Lithuania: Count Stanisław Kazimierz Kossakowski’s Photography: A Utopian Project (1894–1905)
  • Petra Bopp, Independent art historian and curator, Hamburg; Freie Universität, Berlin, Germany: Focus on Strangers. Cross-border practices in Wehrmacht soldiers’ photographs
  • Maria Gourieva, St. Petersburg State University; St. Petersburg State Institute for Culture, Art Film and Photography, Russia: Carnival All Year Round: Practices of Acting for the Camera in Late Soviet Private Photography

15:30–16:00 Coffee break

16:00–17:00 Round-table discussion

17:00–17:30 Coffee break

17:30–18:00 Closing remarks


11 May 2017 (Thursday)

9:00–13:00 Site visits; registration required





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